Journey To Korea

Did you know that the largest church in the world is in South Korea? I didn’t know that before I went. But my journey to Korea enriched my life greatly. The influence of this journey is part of the inspiration for my new musical Journey To Worship.

In August of 1989 I began my journey to Korea. When I arrived after a very long flight from Maryland to California to Hawaii to Seoul, I was amazed at all the people. I had to learn that because of the density of people I shouldn’t take offense if someone bumped into me and didn’t say sorry. Seoul was filled with beautiful people.

one out of millions of Seoul (South Korea) markets. zillions of people

The people were so willing to help me when I had a question to ask. I enjoyed all the conversations I had in Taxis or on the trains. I was determined to learn the language and I knew I had to practice at every opportunity. Also, because I was teaching English I knew my students would want to practice their English most of the time so I felt blessed to find some of the staff who were willing to help me learn. Pastor Kim, Il Mok volunteered to teach me Korean and I was a highly motivated student. My dad spoke Spanish and some Portuguese but I had never had the chance to master a second language and so I was eager to learn.

I not only learned the language but I also learned so much about the culture. I would like to invite you to come and hear more of what I was blessed to learn from my experience in my new musical, Journey To Worship. In fact, for those of you who have read this blog I will offer you a special discount on tickets to the premiere performance, December 5, 2015 at 5:30pm at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. Just email me at and put the word “Discount” in the subject of your email to me and I’ll share the details.

From the beginning of this blog I have shared stories about my journey to find Worship That Nourishes. My Journey to Korea lead me to make several discoveries which proved to enrich my spiritual experience. I hope you’ll be able to join us December 5 but if not the production will be touring in 2016. Come back to this blog for updates on our tour schedule. Thank you for your continued support of Journey To Worship.