The Corrective Diet

The Corrective Diet

The Corrective Diet

I want to share with you about a way of eating introduced to my family by Peter Carstens called The Corrective Diet. I have included a link to allow you to listen to videos of Peter explaining the principals behind this diet here.  I consider this information to be very valuable and one of the best kept health secrets.  My family participated in a documentary about his diet.  We agreed to follow it for a month.  The results were tremendous.  My son lost 17lbs, my wife lost 19lbs, my mother lost 20lbs, and I lost 32lbs.  But what was most incredible was that neither my son, my wife or I though we all have asthma, had to use our inhalers after about a week of being on this diet.  In addition my blood pressure lowered into the normal range without medication after about 10 days (I don’t recommend stopping taking your blood pressure medicine without your doctor’s supervision).

My wife Monique Griffiths who in addition to being a recording artist is also a personal trainer.  She has used this diet with several of her clients with great results.  Please take the time to watch several of the videos to gain a clearer understanding of the science behind the diet. (videos about corrective diet)

But in summary let me just say that it is a way to eat that focuses on making the body more alkaline.  This is believed to have many benefits.  Click here to read about which foods are acidic and which are alkaline and what percentage of each we should include in our diets (alkaline diet benefits).

If you would like a copy of the corrective diet please leave a comment asking for it at the bottom of this post.

Thank you and success to you on your journey to wellness and your journey to worship.

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  1. Yes! Please send a copy of the alkalizing diet. I am somewhat familiar with it but want to learn more. Thanks for all that you do that inspire all of us so! Blessings to you and your family!

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