10 Tips To Better Singing (Part 1)

10 Tips To Better Singing

Many people have a secret desire to be a singer.  Many were afraid to try when they were in school and now want to see if they can still learn.  I have good news!  YOU CAN!  In fact I promise you that singing will give you a valuable gift that will provide hours of fun and enjoyment(And even stress relief.)

 Here are some things to keep in mind:

1.  Start with the end in mind

Many people don’t know what it is that they want to do when it comes to singing.  Then they go online looking for a skype voice lesson or they google to find a local voice teacher.  But before you find your teacher ask yourself a few questions.  What kind of music do you want to sing?  A voice teacher that specializes in preparing people for a career as an opera singers may not be the best voice teacher to prepare you for life as an R&B singer or the next American Idol.  Be clear about what you like and don’t like.  Be clear about where you want to go and you have a much greater chance of getting there.

2.  Have realistic expectations

I believe that we should all passionately live life to the fullest.  We should take advantage of opportunities.  We should dream big and take massive action daily.  But is singing your outlet or your future occupation?  If it’s an outlet you won’t be able to put the time in that you would if it were to be your profession.  Let your teacher know that.  Set realistic goals of practice time then stick to them.

3.  You are your instrument

Drummer can scream and not get sleep and loose their voice but still be able to perform.  Not so for the singer.  You must consider what you eat, how much sleep you get, how much water you drink, and how much exercise you get just to name a few things.  If you get sick and your vocal cords are swollen it may affect your range or you make get a tickle in your throat and not be able to stop from coughing while attempting to sing.  Take care of your self because you are your instrument.

4.  Anchor your practice

I was watching a TED talk about forming habits.  The presenter said that he had made the habit of doing several push ups every time after he used the bathroom.  He ended up loosing almost 20lbs and feeling great as a result.  The key to his success was that he anchored the behavior to something he knew he would have to do anyway.  And he also didn’t make an outragous goal.  By committing to a few push ups at each potty break he eventually worked his way up to 70 or more push ups a day.

In my next post I’ll discuss several other pointers.

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