Through My Eyes

Good Evening!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve shared with you. I’ve been through a lot. Yet I’m still on the journey to worship. And that’s good news! And if I had the chance to hear a bit of your story I know you’ve been through a lot yourself. Sometimes we just have to take a moment to rest and rejuvenate. I feel that my batteries are recharged so here we go.

In a few months I will be blessed to reach another birthday, a very special one. Reaching this milestone has inspired me to reflect about life differently. There is so much hype about achieving success that we are more than not constantly in a stressed out mode pursuing things that often don’t make us happy once we get them. But the reason that we are taught to pursue these things is because it helps someone else make more money.

If there’s one thing that I hope this blog and your journey to worship lead you to is this: your quality of life does not consist in the abundance of things that you possess. I watched a documentary this past week by a movie director who made it big. With the money from his first movie he purchased a mansion in Beverly Hills. When his second movie was a great success he purchased an even bigger mansion. But the funny thing was that after the movers left on the day he moved into his first mansion he thought to himself, “I’m not any happier having this house.”

What makes me happy right now is the idea that I might give to someone reading this blog something that might change their life…something that might make their journey safer, happier, or just plain more fun. The pursuit of God or worship in general has often become a boring ritual. We don’t often think of it as fun. But I’d like to suggest that God showed us the example of where joy and fun come from. God gave us the gift of life. He gave us the ability to be givers just like him. We can give to a stranger or to our children. We can give money or we can give attention or time. But when we give we create something priceless with our actions. This is the essence of the fruit of the spirit. This is love–the act of giving of self to make others healthy, happy, or whole.

I’d like to dare you to stop whatever you were doing and take a moment to give to someone else right now. It can be a compliment or it can be a donation.  It can be a hug or a kiss or it can be a word of wisdom.  It’s what you see as an unmet need.  Look for it.  I’m sure if you pray and ask God to show you, you’ll see what you should give.  If you would, please share in the comments how it made you feel to give and perhaps if you know how it made the recipient feel as well.  Let’s make the world a better place with one simple gift.

We may argue about theology till the end of time but there is no debate about the beauty of love expressed through the kindness of giving. That’s worship through my eyes.

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